Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rainbow Dace and Trapdoor Snails are in!

These colorful Rainbow Dace Fish eat their weight in mosquito larvae and mosquitoes each day. They reach 2 inches in size and will live in your pond all winter. SPECIAL PRICE: 3 for $5

Live Bearing Trapdoor Snails will eat the sludge and debris in your pond. They also live through the winter and are a great asset to your pond. SPECIAL PRICE: $2.50 each

Monday, May 26, 2014

Now in at the Aquatic Nursery...

We hope you all have had a great Memorial weekend, and have your ponds up and running, ready for summer!

If you have not been out yet this year, you may want to plan your trip soon. Our water hyacinth and water lettuce are in! These floaters are perfect to help clear up some of the algae that may be growing, as well as give your fish a little shade on the hot summer days to come.

We also have Pitcher Plants and Mosquito Fish arriving this week. As a pond enthusiast, you know that backyard ponds are the perfect environment for mosquitos. The Mosquito Fish can not only consume a large number of mosquito larvae in your pond, but they will also consume other insects as well as algae. By feeding on algae and hatching insects that may damage your plants, the Mosquito Fish helps improve the overall aesthetics of your pond.

For more information on floaters, Mosquito Fish, Pitcher Plants or other questions, stop out and see us!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

February Pond Seminar

Thank you to those who came out to the February Pond Seminar! It was a cold wintery day but the seminar gave us thoughts of warmer weather and the hope of seeing our ponds and fish again soon!

We presented an overview of where our beautiful koi and goldfish come from, how they are raised and how we get them from the hatchery to your pond. We also discussed causes and answers regarding possible health problems with fish, algea control, water quality, lots of pictures and so much more! We appreciate the questions and discussion that followed the presentation. We hope you enjoyed the door prizes and look forward to seeing our customers and new faces at the nursery soon!